Fran and I were recently day hiking while camping in a remote section of Massachusetts.  We had trail maps and GPS.  But the trails were not where the lines appeared on our map (this is not uncommon).   Were we lost?  Fran says no.  We always knew where we were, just the trails were lost.  But there was still the possibility that we might be in the woods at dusk.  The wonderful and surprising thing is that this did not feel like any problem.  We would just bed down for the night where ever we might be and next morning follow trails leading in the direction of our base camp.   I felt quite at peace with the possibility.  This experience leads one to consider the experiential meaning of  such words/ideas as “lost” “security” and “home.” 

p.s.  We got to a recognized trail, and our campsite, before dusk.

Peace Dove     There is no WAY to peace. Peace IS the way.