April 10, 2006

To the Internal Revenue Service:

I support my country in all its peaceful endeavors, but for reasons of conscience and religious faith I do not support my country in its preparation for war and in war making.   I am deeply troubled by the fact that about half of the federal tax that I owe the government is budgeted for military purposes.  My payment of this tax enables my country to buy the tools and manpower to kill my fellow man.  I am working for passage of the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund bill that would enable pacifists to pay their full taxes without paying toward war.

As a Quaker and a pacifist and a parent, I have considered my personal responsibility to God and my country and my family.  I am conscientiously unable to support any war and the current war is certainly no exception.  For these reasons, the enclosed check is $xxx less than the amount my wife and I owe the government according to line 75 on our Form 1040.  A check for this amount of refused tax has been sent to UNICEF for the support of needy children around the world.

Paul and Fran Sheldon

Peace Dove     There is no WAY to peace. Peace IS the way.