Fran and I are backpackers, and we recently took a three-day hike in a wilderness area of western Pennsylvania.  It is an interesting experience to feel so totally immersed in nature — this is a particularly remote area.  It’s something I’m pondering.  This is a shared earth, the bears and snakes are part of it and, fortunately, not my enemies.  It can feel scary and  exciting, and yet right, natural, and appropriate, to experience these animals in their natural habitat.  We are so used to seeing these animals only in zoos, it’s something to realize that they really live (and can thrive) in nature.  We got lost in the woods twice, but had all we needed to survive on our backs, so what’s the worry?  We are a part of this natural world, and need to remember that and accept it.

A full acount of this backpacking trip on the Donut Hole Trail is available at

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