For some of those conscientiously opposed to war, their conscience does not allow them to even register for a military draft.  They feel that by doing so, they are supporting the military system that requires all males to register.  Attempts by the government to prosecute such conscientious resisters have not always been successful.  Thus, the government has enacted laws that, without providing any recourse to demonstrate how such registration is offensive to one’s most deeply held religious beliefs, punish those who in good conscience cannot register.  Particularly, such conscientious young males are deemed ineligible to recieve government loans that they need in order to be able to afford a higher education. In some states, the punishment for following your conscience in this regard, is that the state will not issue you a driver’s license.  Despite what would seem the patent unconstitutionality of such punishment without any hearing, the government is intent on enforcing this on all non-registrants, and  thereby lumping those religiously opposed to war with those who simply neglect to register.  In response, a fund has been established to provide educational loans for those who can demonstrate hardship on account of their refusal to register for a draft (more information is available on links to the right).

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