Margot mentions at the end of the program that the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill has been regularly introduced in Congress. Those who cannot in good conscience pay for war, but are fully willing to pay their full share of taxes, would welcome such relief. It would enable such individuals to be good citizens and follow their conscience, and the IRS recognizes that such a bill would actually be revenue positive for the government.  Instead of directing their tax money to charity, war tax resisters could then pay the full amount of taxes due.  There are a considerable number of supporters of this bill in Congress, but it still has a way to go.  Critics sometimes claim that such a bill would open the floodgates to other special interests.  But two points must be kept in mind.  First, a sincere religious objection to killing people is NOT the same as a special interest, but poses a unique concern. Second, there is already a clear and successful precedent.  Specifically, there has been legal recognition of the right to conscientious objection to required participation in war throughout the history of this country back to the days of colonial America. No one would seriously consider denying this sacred right.

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