Although there is no military draft currently in effect, there is a requirement that all 18-year-old males register in the possibility for a draft.  In fact, a number of draft bills have been carefully crafted and could be quickly enacted if the political situation changed.  Another tragedy of the 9/11 variety (or something worse) would change the political climate dramatically.  The draft bills that have been prepared allow (as is demanded by the Constitution and supported by Supreme Court decisions) for alternative service for those conscientiously opposed to war.  However, it is not easy to meet the legal tests for C.O. status.  For example, one requirement is that you show some record of your conscientious objection to war.  For this reason, those who think that they would likely be conscientiously opposed to war need to be preparing a record of their thoughts and actions in this regard.  Some of the sites on the right give much more detail about this topic.  You can contact me directly for more information and counseling on this topic.

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